Sunday, May 12, 2013

Handspun yarns have their own plans

My original intention was to spin yarn to knit a Sunny Days Shawlette for a friend who enjoys fresh colours. But, as I had heard, Merino/Tencel blends are not easy to spin into a fine thread.

 I intentionally spun it loose so that the yarn would bloom, as I feel this suits asnuggly shawl with a stockinette body. I split the roving down the centre and then spun the 2 sections separately.  I then plied them together and hoped for about 280 meters.
 The result is a lovely worsted yarn, 114 grams with 210 meters. Not what I had planned for, but look how pretty it is...

... it inspired me...

Since this would not work for the Sunny Days Shawlette,  I came up with a few ideas. After testing all three, I settled on the last A Spring Rain Shawlette.

Here it is on my needles:

Its not easy to see the design in the photo, it is a ladder stitch that should, once blocked, give the appearance of spring rains in a beautiful garden.

I have not figured out the edging yet, but will think more about this as I get closer to the end.

Have a wonderful Mothers Day, and keep your needles busy.



  1. My goodness, that yarn is so lovely. Can't wait to see the progress of the 'spring rain' shawl shawlette.

    1. Hi Emma!

      Thanks, I really like it to so am excited to design a new shawl for it.

      I hope to post progress photos on Wednesday again :)


  2. it's lovely carle, i finished the sunny days shawlette. such a sweet pattern! have fun making up this new shawl!

    1. thanks Lori, Im really enjoying it on my needles :)