Sunday, May 12, 2013

Handspun yarns have their own plans

My original intention was to spin yarn to knit a Sunny Days Shawlette for a friend who enjoys fresh colours. But, as I had heard, Merino/Tencel blends are not easy to spin into a fine thread.

 I intentionally spun it loose so that the yarn would bloom, as I feel this suits asnuggly shawl with a stockinette body. I split the roving down the centre and then spun the 2 sections separately.  I then plied them together and hoped for about 280 meters.
 The result is a lovely worsted yarn, 114 grams with 210 meters. Not what I had planned for, but look how pretty it is...

... it inspired me...

Since this would not work for the Sunny Days Shawlette,  I came up with a few ideas. After testing all three, I settled on the last A Spring Rain Shawlette.

Here it is on my needles:

Its not easy to see the design in the photo, it is a ladder stitch that should, once blocked, give the appearance of spring rains in a beautiful garden.

I have not figured out the edging yet, but will think more about this as I get closer to the end.

Have a wonderful Mothers Day, and keep your needles busy.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesdays Threads

My big WIP [work in progress] is my Sunny Days Shawlette. I have spun my first half of my roving and last night made great progress on the second half. If tonight goes well, then I should finish it and then will ply tomorrow. I sure hope I have spun it thin enough, to knit the entire project.

How is yours Sunny Days Shawlette coming along? - for info on how to get your free copy , read previous posts.

Its late, so sadly cant take a nice photo of my spinning, but can show you a toy that I have been designing, I just need to type it up so that it is readable.

Aint Mr Slinky cute? He can cross his hands

He needed a friend, so here is Mr Dinky. I think he looks like a space alien...

Joining Small things for this weeks Yarn Along.

Happy knitting Everyone!

Mr Rhombus

This is a lovely pattern Designed by SA's up and coming sock designer, Judy George. It was fun to do a collaboration with her and dye up the 3 exclusive colour ways for this pattern. Don't you think that the colours are lovely in this design?

Her design is clever has some interesting elements to it, while still being conservative enough for every ones grandad to like.

About the pattern, In Judys words: This is a men's sock pattern for size 8-10 (UK)/ 8.5-10.5 (US) and 10-12 (UK)/10.5-12.5 (US) feet. The textured diamond pattern is not to fussy for the men in your life, but adds a bit of interest for the sock knitter knitting larger and longer than usual socks! An added detail is a mock cable rib that travels us the side of the leg and doesn't require a cable needle.

About the yarn: The yarn used is Man sock [400m to 100g], which is super strong and also luxurious. This is the first time I have ever dyed this yarn in a gently toning colour way, and since I am uncertain if I will still be able to get this yarn again, I doubt that I will dye it a gently toning again.  My hubby insists that it is nicer than his MCN socks, and keeps his toes warm.

and here are the colourways that you can choose between.

This pattern uses 80g to 100g of the luxurious man sock and is available in Olive Leaf, Airforce and Rusks. These colours are exclusive to the club and the balls are large enough that you need not worry about running out of the yarn
To be part of this club, Say "me please, I want X amount of colour Xyz" on this ravelry thread, or contact me via

The cost of this club is USD 29 including postage.

Happy knitting Everyone!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunny Days Shawlette Tutorial

I've had several questions regarding the set up for the Sunny days Shawlette and I really want to help. So I've done this tutorial for you all and I hope it helps you understand better.

Cast on and knit the 6 rows

 I used two toothpicks to demonstrate the picking up of the stitches

 Knit the 3 sts on the first toothpick

then knit the 3 sts on the next toothpick. As you can see, your 3 middle stitches are perpendicular to the needle and these will form the body of the shawlette. the other 3 side stitches ultimately become the edging. 

Happy Knitting!


Friday, May 3, 2013

The little things that really help....

....Stitch markers
I sure do like stitch markers, but those dingle dangles drive me mad!I suppose they do make your knitting pretty, but they are just not my style and irritate me. I knit far to fast to want to be slowed down by stitch markers.
 So I came up with a solution, and used a knotted piece of yarn, but this was not ideal as the ends got woven into my knitting as I change stitches. While the yarn just slips out, it does leave a slight ladder :(

My hunt for the perfect stitch marker has obsessed me! And I have the soloution..

These are so pretty and pratical, they elegantly mark the spot. These type of stitch markers are my go-to markers, I love them. I like the ring to be at least 2mm bigger than the needle size I am using so that they transfer across the needles easily.

Bright Lightening

And while these are my favourites, I saw these and HAD to have a pair! The colours are such fun and I convinced myself that the small enamel tokens wont get in my way. I am eager for them to arrive so that I can let you all know what I think of them.


I think they will be great on the needles, each one is unique so will be helpful with complicated patterns. 

Lady Danio makes all sorts of stitch markers, so pop on over to Exchanging Fire and check them out, you are sure to find something that is perfect for your needles.

Happy Knitting Everyone!

oh... and a sneak peak at my spinning for my Sunny Days Shawlette, the colours are lovely, fresh and happy. This is a surprise present for a special person.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

KAL for my Sunny Days Shawlette

Since my Sunny days Shawlette is free for the month of May, I thought it would be fun to have a knit a long where we could share links of our progress :)

So to get your copy of the pattern visit this page then post a comment on this post letting me know that you are part of the KAL -knit a long- and then check back once a week to link to your progress.

This is going to be fun!

I decided to spin the yarn for mine, I have selected this roving that is 4oz of merino and tencel in the most glorious spring colours. I have called it "Spring Meadow"

I have a new Ashford Traveller so will Use it for the first time to spin this yarn. I need to spin the yarn quite thin so that I can ply it into a fingering weight. I need about 300 meters for the smaller size.

A big thanks to my friend Linda of, for encouraging me xox

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Colours from Kommetjie

Sunlit Kelp

Sea Rose



And the beautiful Rocks

Were the inspiration for my latest semi solid and mini skein clubs.
Here is my interpretation into yarn

Pretty heh?

When I returned from the Uk, Karl and I lived in a caravan, on the family plot, on the oceans edge. Kommetjie blessed us with the freedom of heart, the oceans abundance, inspiration in life and we fell deeper in love.
Kommetjie is a place of life where the oceans bounty is colourful and iridescent.

Kommetjie has a fantistic break and is a surfers haven, 

From Wikipedia:
Kommetjie (Afrikaans for "small basin," approximately pronounced cawma-key) is a suburb of Cape Town, in the Western Cape province of South Africa. It lies about halfway down the west coast of the Cape Peninsula, at the southern end of the long wide beach that runs northwards towards Chapman's Peak and Noordhoek.
The village is situated around a small, natural and rocky inlet that resembles a basin. There is some evidence that this basin was used as a fish trap by prehistoric peoples. The area is a popular spot for surfing, since powerful waves from the Atlantic Ocean rise up over rocky reefs formed by hard sandstones of the Table Mountain Group. Wherever the bottom is rocky, the shallower waters are thick with giant kelp forests
Kommetjie hosts a variety of plant and animal species, many of which are endangered. Kommetjie is especially well known for its Milkwood groves, birdwatching and baboon troops, which frequently come down from their home on the nearby hills to raid for food among the residences.
Kommetjie is also part of the fynbos biome, which boasts the highest number of plant species per square kilometre. Some of the rarest and most sought after plants are found in this biome