Friday, May 3, 2013

The little things that really help....

....Stitch markers
I sure do like stitch markers, but those dingle dangles drive me mad!I suppose they do make your knitting pretty, but they are just not my style and irritate me. I knit far to fast to want to be slowed down by stitch markers.
 So I came up with a solution, and used a knotted piece of yarn, but this was not ideal as the ends got woven into my knitting as I change stitches. While the yarn just slips out, it does leave a slight ladder :(

My hunt for the perfect stitch marker has obsessed me! And I have the soloution..

These are so pretty and pratical, they elegantly mark the spot. These type of stitch markers are my go-to markers, I love them. I like the ring to be at least 2mm bigger than the needle size I am using so that they transfer across the needles easily.

Bright Lightening

And while these are my favourites, I saw these and HAD to have a pair! The colours are such fun and I convinced myself that the small enamel tokens wont get in my way. I am eager for them to arrive so that I can let you all know what I think of them.


I think they will be great on the needles, each one is unique so will be helpful with complicated patterns. 

Lady Danio makes all sorts of stitch markers, so pop on over to Exchanging Fire and check them out, you are sure to find something that is perfect for your needles.

Happy Knitting Everyone!

oh... and a sneak peak at my spinning for my Sunny Days Shawlette, the colours are lovely, fresh and happy. This is a surprise present for a special person.


  1. i am giggling at your dingle dangles, funny! i am the same carle, although i LOVE the stitch markers i have recieved, and i keep them with my knitting basket always for the lovely feeling of friendship they give me, i do not use them. my favorites are simple sterling silver rings, and sometimes the coil less pins. i do like the look of the confetti rings and will be interested to see how they work for you!

  2. Hi Lori,

    you have tweaked my interest, what do the coil less pins look like? I think I need to also try some of those.

    Once the confetti rings arrive, I will used them for a bit and then give you some feedback.

    Blogging is such fun.