Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesdays Threads

My big WIP [work in progress] is my Sunny Days Shawlette. I have spun my first half of my roving and last night made great progress on the second half. If tonight goes well, then I should finish it and then will ply tomorrow. I sure hope I have spun it thin enough, to knit the entire project.

How is yours Sunny Days Shawlette coming along? - for info on how to get your free copy , read previous posts.

Its late, so sadly cant take a nice photo of my spinning, but can show you a toy that I have been designing, I just need to type it up so that it is readable.

Aint Mr Slinky cute? He can cross his hands

He needed a friend, so here is Mr Dinky. I think he looks like a space alien...

Joining Small things for this weeks Yarn Along.

Happy knitting Everyone!


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    1. thanks Lori,

      They were originally made when I angeled in the Ravelry SA design swap group. A friend from up country could not complete her obligations as she had a very bad birthing and was hospitalised for a very long time. I was so relieved when she managed to recover fully. It was touch and go for a long time.

  2. Mr Slinky is very cute but Mr Dinky stole my heart!

    1. Thanks Christine, You are inspiring me to write up the patterns :)

  3. So very cute, I love them.